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Badges are sold in Pre-order batches!


Because of the current international shipping issues we are seeing shipping times of 6+ weeks for any international shipments. Holidays and lengthened shipping times may increase the 18 day Pre-order production time.


New Social Media Chip option available for front badge.

Add your Instagram, Linktree, or URL of your choice to your badge. Badges can then be scaned by most modern smart phones. Badges come pre-loaded with our website. Instructions on how to change to a custom URL are included.

This technology has been around for awhile but mass adoption hasnt yet occured. Because of this we do not garentee that our chips will work with all phones.


Sets Includes two Matte Black badges and custom color matched front and rear oval backing plates with adhesive tape applied. Ready to install on your 2022+ GR86. Because these are made to order in small batches it may take up to 18 business days before shipping. These are hand made products. because of this extremely minor paint imperfections may be present.


    • Replaces OEM chrome bubble badges
    • Contains Social media Chip with custom URL
    • Full kit, includes both front and rear
    • Includes matte black badges
    • Easy to install
    • High Quality UV stable automotive paint
    • Custom colors available upon request

Lets discuss your next project!

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